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TIHK 50th Anniversary – Slogan Design Competition

Updated: May 19, 2022



1. Each member / registered student can submit one entry only.

2. The theme for the Slogan Competition (“The Competition”) is “Leading Tax Profession – Serving Hong Kong for 50 Years”.

3. All entries must be the participants’ original works, which have never been published.

4. The slogan must be in both English AND Chinese, within 20 words/ characters for each of the English and Chinese versions, excluding punctuation marks.

5. The selected slogans will be published in all publications and promotional media of The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (“The Institute” or “TIHK”), including but not limited to newsletters, social media platforms, email direct marketing circulars, websites and event booklets.

6. By submitting an entry in the Competition, each entrant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

7. Each entrant shall fully indemnify TIHK for all liabilities and costs should the entry submitted constitutes any infringement of intellectual property rights.

8. Each entrant by entering this Competition agrees to grant and assign exclusively to TIHK all the intellectual property rights, of and in the submitted entry.

9. TIHK reserves the right to refine, modify, use, or dispose of the entry in any way as it deems appropriate.

10. TIHK reserves the right to suspend or cancel the Competition or change any of the regulations governing the Competition without prior notice and disqualify any entrant for misconduct.

11. In any dispute, TIHK reserves the right to make the final and binding decisions.

Assessment and Judging Criteria

The entries submitted will be judged by the TIHK 50th Anniversary Taskforce comprising of members appointed by the Council, according to the following judging criteria and weightings:

  • Relevancy to the theme (40%)

  • Content and structure (30%)

  • Creativity (30%)


The award of the Competition are as follows:

Champion – 2022 CTA Conference Ticket x 1 and 2022 Gala Dinner Ticket x 1 and Full Waiver of 2022 Membership Fee First runner-up – 2022 CTA Conference Ticket x 1 and 2022 Gala Dinner Ticket x 1 and HK$500 waiver of 2022 Membership Fee Second runner-up – 2022 CTA Conference Ticket x 1 and 2022 Gala Dinner Ticket x 1 and E-coupon $50 x 2

All awardees will be invited to join the prize presentation ceremony in Nov 2022 Gala Dinner and can enjoy a 50% discount for buying an additional Gala Dinner Ticket.

Publication of Results

Results will be announced through the Institute’s website and Facebook page on 28 January 2022 (Friday). Awardees will also receive a separate email sent from the Secretariat.

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