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2022 Hong Kong Chartered Tax Adviser Conference

“Leading Tax Profession in the New Era”


Every year, the Institute convenes government officials, experts in economic and finance industries, accounting and tax practitioners, professors and representatives from other professional bodies from Hong Kong, China and the global community in the Conference to share and discuss tax issues that are affecting the world, such as BEPS 2.0 project.

In 2021, the hybrid Conference was well received with over 620 participants. This year, the Conference continues to offer a platform for exchanging the latest tax and economic development to plan and prepare for coming challenges and opportunities.

Year 2022 is TIHK’s Golden Jubilee, which represents a remarkable milestone to tax profession for its half-century contribution and development in Hong Kong. The institute is planning to organise a series of events for this special occasion and the Conference is certainly one of the highlights. The Financial Secretary will be invited as the Guest of Honour, and Mr Tam Tai-pang, JP, Commissioner of the Inland Revenue Department will be invited to speak a session in the Conference.

The Conference is going to cover topics such as optimization of the future direction for tax and business policy formulation, as well as what tax issues should businesses and individuals/employees be aware of under the changed way of conducting business, the mode of operation and the working patterns. The Institute has also extended invitations to prominent speakers from overseas and Hong Kong Government officials and the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT). The Institute will also invite member organisations of the Asia Oceania Tax Consultants’ Association and tax professionals from Mainland China and Macau to attend the Conference and exchange views on different tax issues.

Please refer to for online enrollment.

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